Paris 2024, the French embassies and overseas collectivities organise a 24-hour relay around the world with the “Terre de Jeux 2024" label

Paris 2024, the French embassies and overseas collectivities organise a 24-hour relay around the world with the “Terre de Jeux 2024" label

On 14 March 2023, with 500 days to go before the Olympic Games begin, Paris 2024, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French embassies and the overseas French territories bearing the ‘Terre de Jeux 2024’ label will invite the world to take part in a 24-hour relay which celebrates the power of sport.

The relay will pass through all five continents and engage the general public and figures from the world of sport in hour long sporting activities each starting at 9 a.m. local time. This extraordinary global event will showcase sport’s unique ability to bring people together through the energy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024 said: “In just over 500 days’ time, Paris and France will welcome the world and this relay will enable the whole world to celebrate sport for 24 hours non-stop! We are grateful to all the territories and embassies involved in this second edition of the relay, which is being organised as part of the Terre de Jeux 2024 programme. Crossing 116 countries and overseas territories and with 20,000 participants, the relay will be even bigger than before. It highlights the role of sport, which gives us the opportunity to work together, to share experiences and to push through our own limits, together. On 14 March, this message will be broadcast all over the world thanks to the relay and its ambassadors!”

Samuel Ducroquet, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ambassador for Sport added: “The relay around the world carries a message that is both symbolic and ambitious. It is a testament to the ability of the Paris 2024 Games, thanks to our diplomatic network, to unite our overseas communities and partners in all corners of the world. On 14 March, the commitment shown by our embassies and consulates will illustrate the determination of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to ensure that the reach of the Olympic and Paralympic Games extends far beyond our national borders, with the values of solidarity, equality and inclusion right at the heart of their initiatives.”

The Relay around the world: 24 hours of sport across all five continents

Following the success of the first edition held in 2022, when more than 44 overseas embassies and territories and over 8,000 participants were involved, the second relay will cross more than 116 countries and overseas territories. A total of 128 embassies, consulates, permanent representations of France and DROM-COM bearing the ‘Terre de Jeux 2024’ label will take part in the relay paying tribute to each country’s sports and athletes. The event will begin in New Zealand before crossing Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, and finishing in the Pacific, in French Polynesia.

Once each event is finished, the baton will pass to the embassies and DROM-COM in the next time zone, who will stage their own event, and so on and so forth for a total of 24 hours. The passing of the baton in this global relay will be organised and implemented through social media. In parallel to the relay, a host of events (exhibitions, sporting outreach activities, press briefings, round tables, etc.) will be organised by the participants in order to draw attention to the approaching Paris 2024 Games all over the world.

Sporting initiatives and solidarity events for “Games Wide Open”

French embassies bearing the ‘Terre de Jeux 2024’ label are expecting tens of thousands of participants in the relay. More than 100 athletes will take part around the world, with events planned in around 40 sports and disciplines including cricket, taekwondo, stand-up paddle, skateboarding, pétanque, long jump, discus and javelin, para-athletics, and para-badminton. Ellen Keane, Paralympic gold medallist at the Tokyo 2020 Games and bronze medallist at the Rio 2016 Games, and Kellie Harrington, Olympic boxing champion at the Tokyo 2020 Games will be expected in Ireland; Tunisia’s most decorated swimmer and athlete in Olympic Games history with two gold medals and one bronze, will take part in Tunisia. Meanwhile, Jean Patry, French volleyball medallist at Tokyo 2020, will take part in Italy and Paula Pareto, Argentinian judo bronze medallist at the Rio 2016 Games, will participate in an event organised by the French embassy in Argentina.

A wide range of activities will be organised in each participating country and territory.

In an event organised by the French consulate in Brisbane (future host city of the Olympic Games 2032), an eight-person rowing boat with athletes on board will pass through the city along the Brisbane River. In Hong Kong, after a 5km race through the city’s streets and skyline, the runners will cross the finishing line on a dragon boat. In Turkey, just a few weeks after the country was hit by terrible earthquakes, the French embassy will organise a solidarity race and a virtual passing of the baton between Ankara and Istanbul. In the United States, the Lycée Français de San Francisco will hold a relay race on the famous Golden Gate Bridge. French Polynesia – a host territory of the Paris 2024 Games – will bring the day’s events to a close with a race ending at the mythical Teahupo’o, where the Olympic Games Paris 2024 surfing events will be held.

In Paris, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., a group of around 40 people will run along the River Seine as a prelude to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony to be held on the river 500 days later. Amélie Oudea-Castera, Minister of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will get the race under way at the ministry in the 13th arrondissement. At the finishing line on the Quai d’Orsay, the baton will then be passed to the French embassies in Senegal and Ireland.

To follow on Social Media the Relay around the world, follow the Paris 2024 Twitter account via #TerredeJeux2024 and the Social Wall “Terre de Jeux 2024”

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