On October 8, to mark the first Paralympic Day, the Paralympic Games will take over Place de la Bastille

On October 8, to mark the first Paralympic Day, the Paralympic Games will take over Place de la Bastille

With just under two years to go until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, the Paris 2024 Organising Committee, the French State, the French Paralympic and Sport Committee (CPSF) and the City of Paris welcome you to the first Paralympic Day on Saturday, October 8, at Place de la Bastille in Paris.

On October 8, Place de la Bastille will celebrate Para sports in honour of the Paralympic Games: a spectacular, accessible and festive taster of the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024! The president of the International Paralympic Committee, Andrew Parsons, will also be attending.

The famous Parisian square will be transformed for a day into a vast playground with spectacular sports exhibitions. The main stage will vibrate to the sound of musical performances from a line-up of artists coming together in an evening concert.

 A day of Para sport and celebration

 The programme will be free and open to all, highlights include:

  • Meeting French and international Para athletes;
  • Mind blowing sports performances with Paralympic champions;
  • Taster sessions for the public to try Paralympic disciplines (blind football, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, etc.), led by Para athletes
  • A day of celebration, with many cultural and artistic events
  • A day of pride, enthusiasm, and awareness to change the way we perceive people with disabilities

The detailed programme of the day will be released shortly.

 Discover and try out Paralympic sports

If you want to learn about Paralympic sports, there is no better way than to try them out. How do you practice wheelchair fencing? How do you jump long distances with a prosthesis? Is the basketball rim the same height in wheelchair basketball?

Discover and try out Paralympic sports ready for Paris 2024

Training, physical preparation, mental preparation, selections... Competing in the Paralympic Games requires a very high level of training. With two years to go before the opening of the Paris 2024 Games, let's prepare ourselves, like the Para athletes, to experience this amazing competition. Future spectators are invited to discover Para sports and Para athletes to appreciate the achievements that will happen in front of their eyes in 2024.

Improve access to sport for people with disabilities

Paralympic Day is an opportunity to learn about Para sports and offers the chance to join Para clubs as part of initiatives taken by Paris 2024, the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF), and its stakeholders to advance sport participation for people with disabilities.

On 8 October, All in Bastille!

Paralympic Day is an event supported by Paris 2024, the Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and the Disabled, the Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (DIJOP), the CPSF and the City of Paris.

Tony Estanguet, President of the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024:
“With less than two years to go before the Paris 2024 Games, we are keen to give a flavour of the Paralympic Games in our country by organising the first Paralympic Day in France. On Saturday 8 October, at Place de la Bastille, come and meet exceptional athletes, discover their disciplines and practice Para sports.  I would like to thank the State, the CPSF and the City of Paris for their commitment to this day, which is part of our common ambition to change how we look at disability and promote inclusion through sport and the Games!”

Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee
“Paralympic Day being celebrated in the Place de Bastille is an inspired choice given its radical history. The Paralympic Games are the most transformational event on earth, and I’m very excited that the people of Paris will be able to get up close and personal with our amazing athletes on 8 October. But I’m also thrilled that Paris 2024 continues to break new ground in Paralympic Games delivery. I think this inaugural Paralympic Day shows how committed Paris 2024, the French government, the City of Paris and our good friends at the French Paralympic and Sports Committee are to creating a more inclusive society. As you say in France, vive la révolution.”

Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Minister for Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games
"This day of sharing illustrates the historic opportunity provided by these Games to better promote sport for people with disabilities, and to encourage those who do not have the opportunity to participate in sport today. After reducing the VAT rate on Para-sporting equipment and opening up the Pass'Sport to disabled young people under 30, the Government is maintaining its commitment. We will quadruple the number of inclusive sports clubs between now and the Games and, from next year, we will introduce the "30 minutes of daily physical activity" programme in medical and social establishments and services for young people. On 8 October, come and meet the Para sports and Para athletes!”

Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and the Disabled
"Sport is an essential vector in the development of an inclusive society. The first Paralympic Day is a unique opportunity to change society's view on disability and to showcase the strength and determination of our athletes. Citizens, athletes, disability stakeholders and journalists will all gather to learn about these disciplines and promote them, but also meet the Para clubs. On 8 October, let's all support our champions!

Geneviève Darrieussecq, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and the Disabled, responsible for the Disabled
"Para sport is first and foremost sport! It's the search for nice gestures and performances. It's having a winning mentality and surpassing oneself. It is a magnificent spectacle! This first Paralympic Day will allow the general public to discover our champions and promote the practice of Para sport. The Paris Games, precisely because we want them to be "wide open", will be a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a change in the way people with disabilities are viewed. It is up to us to seize this opportunity.”

 Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris
"This is the first time that France and Paris have the opportunity to host the Paralympic Games. This is a unique opportunity for the City to improve access to our sports facilities for all people with disabilities and to accelerate the accessibility of Paris. October 8th will be an amazing day to give you a taste of the Paralympic Games. I invite you to come to Place de la Bastille to discover new sports, learn about new disciplines and meet extraordinary athletes.”

 Marie-Amélie Le Fur, President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF)
"I am proud that this day dedicated to Paralympic sports has finally become part of the calendar of major sporting events. This event is a unique opportunity to discover the Paralympic world and to understand its richness and uniqueness. In two years'time, the whole world will meet in Paris for the Paralympic Games and I have no doubt that this day will be an incredible foretaste of what the French will experience.”


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